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Magdalene Holistic Centre is an holistic centre in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. This centre offers holistic therapy services such as readings, mediumship, meditation with mediumship, reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, pamper parties and workshops.  

Welcome to Magdalene Holistic Centre

Kim Gutteridge has been giving readings since a child, she is now a Magdalene High Priestess, Light Bearer, Way Shower and offers spiritual teachings through meditation and White Flame Initiations and Amethyst Flame Healing, Seer offers  spiritual readings, soul healing, soul connections, reiki and reiki attunements, munay ki attunements.

Helen Dartnell is an holistic therapies and crystal healer she offers reflexology, reiki, crystal healing, pamper evenings etc.

Sally Ann Hamilton is a Myofascial practitioner and offers treatments on bi- weekly Wednesdays 

Text 07580551979 if you text , we will ring you right back

Crystal & Meditation Course

This popular course has now moved to Monday Nights and restarts on Monday  7th January 2019 Starts at 7.15pm to 9.15pm 

9 weeks course - contact me for more info

£9 per session or £80 for the whole course

Chakras & Crystals with Meditation 

Reiki Refresher Workshop - for Reiki 1, Reiki 2 or 3 levels 

Saturday 16th February 2019 10am to 4pm

With Kim Gutteridge Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Karuna Ki Reiki Master/Teacher

Saturday 16th February 10am to 4pm

Want to get back into your Reiki practice?

Experience a different lineage?

Reconnect to your reiki healing guide?

Connect with like minded people?

Be Immersed in Reiki healing for 1 day?

Get back into the swing of your Reiki self practice?

Refresh yourself and bring reiki back into your life

One Day Workshop - lunch included


Only 4 places available - small group

Book with a £20 deposit - https://kimgutteridge.as.me/reikrefresherworkshop

Refresher Manuals available

Crystals, Gifts and  Readings Fair 

Saturday 2nd March 2019 

Join us for our Crystals & Readings Fair on Saturday 2nd March 2019

Fantastic range of Crystals with Helen Dartnell and Readings available with Kim Gutteridge (Prebook a reading to avoid disappointment).

Free Talks

11am Channelled Divine Transmission by Kim

12am Talk on Crystals by Helen

Free Entry

Tea/Coffee Donations to charity

Mary Magdalene Retreat Day 

Saturday 23rd March 2019


Mary Magdalene Retreat Day with Magdalene Meditation, connect with White Flame Healing, Rose anointment with Reflexology Treatment, Crystal Grids and visit Andressey Island to experience the sacred healing energies there with Saint Modwen.

Kim Gutteridge Magdalene High Priestess

Laugh, smile, release, be, connect, dream, make plans, be

Breathe, create, sense, join with others

*Mary Magdalene Meditation

*Magdalene and Goddess Isis White Flame Healing

*Rose Oil and Reflexology Treatment

*Create a crystal grid

**Wind down and relax

£90 for the workshop includes refreshments and materials and light lunch

Book your space online or contact Kim 07580551979

£45 deposit to secure a place


Sacred Waters Magdalene Retreat -Glastonbury UK

27th - 29th September 2019

Join Kim Gutteridge Magdalene High Priestess for a journey with the sacred waters of Glastonbury and connect to the wisdom and teachings of Mary Magdalene, you will receive an activation with the Amethyst Flame, connect deeply to ancient wisdom, visit the Chalice Well, (White Spring optional extra), create your own aura spray, water ceremony and fire ceremony to balance the divine energies with intention setting for the New Moon.

Friday - Sunday 27th - 29th September New Moon

Limited places for the retreat and accommodation - £349

(£75 deposit to secure your space, payment plan available)

Retreat session only rates available (book your own accommodation) - £199 each

£50 deposit to secure your space payment plan available)

Contact Kim for more information

Retreat Schedule

Friday 4pm Meet & Afternoon Tea

Friday 8pm Open Circle Session

Cleansing, Fire Ceremony and Intention Setting

Saturday 9.30am Morning Session

Connect to Mary Magdalene Wisdom

Water Ceremony and Activation to Amethyst Flame

Create Amethyst Aura Spray


Afternoon Sesion

Visit the Chalice Well/White Spring

Free Time

Sunday 10.00am Morning Session

Journey with the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine to connect with the Rose and Apple Energies

Munay Ki 13th Rite of the Womb Optional Initiation

Connect deeply to the sacred waters

Explore your Celtic roots with tree wisdom


Afternoon Session

Visit Brides Mound

Free Time

Retreat closes on Sunday afternoon

People who stay at the Retreat are welcome to stay over until Monday morning.

There are only 3 spaces for staying at the retreat, however there are lots of B&B places nearby for you stay at your own accommodation

Full Retreat and Accommodation includes B&B, Lunch, snacks - Dinner is extra we may eat out

Retreat only includes Lunch on Sat/Sun and Snacks - Dinner is extra

Both prices include entrance fees to the Chalice Well and Abbey plus all materials for creating the aura sprays and other activities.

Contact us to find out more 

Amethyst Flame Healing

1st January 2019

Amethyst Flame Healing runs from 1st January 2019 for 7 days

You can tune into the healing energy in three ways:

Listen to the Meditation 

Call in the Chi ball of energy

Imagine you are in the Amethyst Cave with Mary Magdalene 

You can do each of these daily or just one and can wear Purple or Lilac or choose to eat Purple foods too to embed this colour into your aura.

Find out more 

NEW White Flame Initiation (Goddess Isis & The Council of Light)

The White Flame is an energy symbol for ascension, wisdom and unity gifted by the  Isis  and the Council of Light to invoke their alignment with the highest energies for our highest good. This was directly channeled by Kim Gutteridge Magdalene High Priestess to invoke in her Spiritual work as a teacher, healer, wayshower, light worker, and mediumship to share with others.

As we strive to raise our vibrations, to ascend as individuals we are united with others and all the other souls on earth and in heaven. We are One with the universe and One through our collectiveness.

Isis and the Council of Light serves us to assist humanity and earth to ascend as crystalline ascended beings of Light united. They honor our uniqueness and our experiences in our lives and assist us on our journey. They assist by helping us to release old patterns of negativity, raising our vibrations, aligning our true nature with Love, Joy, Light and Peace. The Council of Light oversee humanity and Souls on their "Souls Journey" in Life experiences to assist us to connect with the deepest Wisdom, Love, Joy and Peace.

The White Flame is taught over 3 Phases to allow you to align fully with the energies of this modality.  

Phase One - Initiation to The White Flame with Manual and Certificate 

Phase Two - Activation to the White Flame Priestess  

Phase Three - White Flame Goddess 

These courses will be available as an Online/Distance Learning Course in 2019

Would you like to learn? If you are Reiki 2 or higher this can be added to your healing sessions

Why not try a Healing Session with the White Flame?

Book for a session of healing with White Flame with Kim Magdalene High Priestess 

Magdalene Holistic Centre

There are two rooms and facilties for workshops, meditations, holistic therapies, healing, readings, talks etc. 

Space is available for hire by the hour, day or evening rates 

if you are interested please get in touch with Kim

Meditations and Online Live Readings...

Welcome to Magdalene Holistic Centre

Meditation with Angel Energies  Monday Group

Live Readings Video 

Live Readings 

Magdalene Holistic Centre

Suite 1 Worthington House,

146 High Street

Burton on Trent

DE14 1JE

Accessed by door off the carpark, first floor 

Telephone 07580 551979/[email protected]

Book on line - https://kimgutteridge.as.me/ 

Ring or text or click here for an appointment07580 551979

Watch our Videos on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGCLEmy64UWQzxWpxnStTg

Psychic medium I love working with spirit and bringing messages to connect the two worlds together.  I have over 40 years working as a reader in the UK and internationally.

Meditation & Sacred Space

Meditation classes for relaxation with Angels,  Meditation for Relaxing, Living in today's stressful world, Sacred Space Monthly Meditations with Mary Magdalene.

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Holistic Therapies and Readings

Holistic Therapies - try a Reiki Session, Reflexology, Facial, Massage or Indian Head Massage

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Herbal Teas 

Try one of our herbal teas, Peppermint, Camomile, Loveage, Breakfast Teas, or one of our amazing samples 

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Magdalene Artwork

Mary Magdalene designed by 

Paul McCaffrey 

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White Flame Artwork 

White Flame in Pastels by Janine Keall

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Member of the IAHT International Alliance of Holistic Therapies & Insured by Westminster Indemnity

Member of The Staffordshire/Derbyshire Psychic Readers Association